Emme is an electronic musician, producer and live performer from Argentina, based in Berlin.

Emme takes her musical influences from all things science fiction; using a mixture of hardware controllers and synths she creates beautiful, soaring space-scapes and deep sonic explorations inspired by such diverse topics as Astronomy, Carl Sagan and artificial intelligence. Her music absorbs the audience and invites them on an inward journey where reality is perceived and transformed through sound.

Every live show is unique, adapted to the venue and concept of the event. She performs with hardware synthesizers and midi controllers, creating an immersive sound adventure with a wide sonic palette which moves between ambient, floating soundscapes, powerful melodies and energetic rhythms.

“Into The Darkness”, released by Modularfield, record label from Köln, is a sci-fi journey aimed at exploring the deep connection between the vastness of space and our innermost feelings and thoughts. This album features collaborations with artists from Iceland, Argentina, United States, Germany and Costa Rica.

Picture: Gastón Barreto