Into The Darkness

Release: July 19 on Modularfield

All digital platforms and special tape edition


Limited Audio Cassette

- White audio cassette with black printing
- High duty 2-Side 380 g/m² cardboard cover
- Technics Tape Master & Dubbed on Otari DP-8

Subsequent Cycles Cover.jpg

Subsequent Cycles

Split EP - Emme X Hoving

Coming Soon

Life at the edge of a Black Hole - Tapa 2017..png

Life at the edge of a black hole - 2016

Nothing can escape a black hole. They're a special region of space where most physics law fail and have captivated the imagination of everyone. The question has always been the same: What would happen if I fell into one?
But not everything falls into them.
Imagine what would it be to live at the edge of a black hole. Nothing can escape, but imagine having a front row seat to witness nature's most mesmerising phaenomena in action, challenging the boundaries of our universe. Such a journey is on the realm of science fiction.
This album will be your vessel for that journey.

emme cover bandcamp.jpg

Live @ Griessmuehle

Live set recorded at Eclectique #4 at Griessmuehle, Berlin.

Artwork by

January 2019